Things Done

The Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology was developed 30 years ago by New York Times bestselling author David Allen. The course teaches skills to manage the constant flow of requests, tasks, and interruptions people face at all levels of the organisation.

Getting Things Done®

The success of critical projects and programs requires the skill, energy, and focus of every team member.

Research shows that when just one or two team members make even small fumbles (miss deadlines, work on the wrong priorities, or forget tasks), team productivity is cut by an average of 24%.

On the other hand, teams that have a shared process for managing workflow foster trust, engagement, and efficient execution.

Based on the iconic bestseller by David Allen, the skills taught in Getting Things Done® have been shown to relieve cognitive load, allow for increased focus, even result in optimal experience and peak performance.

Key skills you will learn from the Training:

  1. Capture
  • Capture all inputs—incoming requests, ideas, and to-dos.
  • Direct all inputs to a few chosen capture tools.
  1. Clarify
  • Decide what your stuff means to you.
  • Identify next actions.
  1. Organise
  • Calendar only firm and fixed to-dos.
  • Group actions by context rather than by topic or role.
  • Track projects to guide your next actions.
  1. Reflect and Engage
  • Review your calendar before you start on next actions.
  • Pause to reflect before you engage.
  • Hold a non-negotiable weekly review to align actions with chosen values.

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