I had a high energy and very engaging chat with Scott Robley from VitalSmarts USA.

Scott is a speaker, Trainer, Coach, and Client Solutions Engineer at VitalSmarts. We met with Scott at the recent VitalSmarts global conference where he presented the 40/20/40 model for high impact learning, based upon model developed by Robert O. Brinkerhoff

This podcast is all about how to maximise your training ROI and ROE by preparing well, high engagement delivery, followed by implementation.

The skills are based on more than 30 years of research, strongly evidence-based and well-grounded in the fundamentals of human behaviour – and completely counterintuitive! Whilst the two day Crucial Conversations training is very comprehensive, there is much more to be done to embed the skills and create a common language around performance and accountability

Inside this episode you’ll learn:

  1. To always start with ‘Why’
  2. The value of sponsorship and senior executive engagement
  3. To maximise training always have their ‘EAR’
  4. How to ‘share the music’ and create ‘opportunities to dance’
  5. Why high impact learning creates high performance cultures

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy learning how to significantly improve your training delivery through a formalised embedding system. How to create and sustain a common language around performance and accountability. If you enjoyed please leave us a review on iTunes.

If you want to learn more about VitalSmarts skills mastery, please subscribe and feel free to review and share with your associates.

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