Kate Selway is the People and Capability Director for Jade Software, based in Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand.

Kate has a passion and obvious empathy for people that have been shaped by a background in psychology. She has had a successful career in HR (a term she greatly detests), enjoyed various People & Culture (much better than HR) roles, and is relishing her time at Jade Software.

Kate has been delivering Crucial Conversations to the organisation over the past 18 months. Their leadership development framework uses ‘The Rocket Model’, based upon the work of Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan. Kate’s work in driving culture has created a significant shift to much more openness and engagement.

Combining the power of People, Data and Software to create unique customer experiences, Jade Software delivers business-critical software for a range of industries including banking, insurance, agriculture, retail, aviation security and more.

In our experience through Crucial Dimensions in working with the largest IT companies across the globe, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc, we already know what Kate experiences every day in driving culture – Software engineers and developers range of finely tuned skills, not so much including communication skills and creating psychological safety!

In the podcast Kate’s passion around their leadership development was obvious. She continues to drive a strong focus around redefining the organisation’s values as well is the implementation of soft skills

Inside this episode you’ll learn:

  1. About the power of investing in people
  2. How and why leaders should lead in IT
  3. The value of teaching people to ‘dare to be different’
  4. Why psychological safety is integral
  5. How and why to hold people accountable to the values

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As we mentioned in the podcast, click here for a link for the work of Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan – ‘The Rocket Model’

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