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How to Transform a Dead-End Job

When we don’t enjoy something or see growth because of it, it’s hard for us to be engaged in our work. If you or your employees need motivation, take a look at the tasks at hand and the potential for personal development.


4 Skills to Confront Unintentional Discrimination at Work

Ever experienced discrimination at work? You’re not alone. When we asked people to tell us of a time they felt excluded or disadvantaged because of their race, age, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation at work, we got over 500 stories. Here are a few skills for confronting bias in a way that restores civility to the workplace.


Want Improved Job Performance? Accountability Isn’t Enough

If we’re honest, we’ve all let someone down and we’ve all been let down. But when it happens at work, it becomes more than a disappointment — it becomes an issue of job performance. And the best way to solve the problem is to look at the causes — the big WHY behind a behaviour. We group these causes into what we call The Six Sources of Influence.


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