Dr Shaun Ridley is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the Australian Institute of Management WA

Shaun has been an integral part of AIM WA for 35 years. As a result, he is one of experienced leaders in WA in organisational professional development as well as adult learning.  

Vitalsmarts ANZ partner with AIM WA as part of our training delivery platform across Australia and New Zealand. Working with Shaun and his team for us is an absolute pleasure!

Of all of the AIM organisations around Australia, AIM WA is by far the most experienced and successful, thanks to Shaun and his team

In the podcast Shaun shared openly about his experience in partnering with organisations in developing and nurturing their internal leadership capability. He explains that whilst learning and development frameworks contain a range of facets to help grow and maintain performance, attending to the small things makes a really big difference in developing and engaging leaders!

Inside this episode you’ll learn:

  1. Why small things really do matter – and surely gives a great example!
  2. How to develop leadership capability
  3. About developing your people others into the best leaders that they can be
  4. Why psychological safety is integral
  5. How to use new age skills with the modern worker

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As we mentioned in the podcast, click here for a link for the work of Barry Posner – The Leadership Challenge.

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