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Learn the skills to speak up candidly and directly, yet compassionately, respectfully and professionally. Use our globally proven training to build relationships and achieve optimal performance.
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“Personally, I have used the skills myself. But also, some of my staff have gone through the training as well and I have seen a difference in the positive relationships within the team.”

Dr. Diana Lawrence

S.A. Health

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Some of the world’s most innovative and successful organisations have trusted
Crucial Dimensions to teach them crucial skills.

Timeless Skills, for Today

Crucial Dimensions workplace training courses improve relationships and results by identifying
and teaching vital behaviours to individuals and organisations.

Improve individual and staff well-being by speaking up respectfully

Build Better
Corporate Culture

Our workplace training courses teach you how to achieve alignment and agreement when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. With skills to speak up honestly and respectfully, we collaborate better, make better decisions, and build a corporate culture of trust, safety, respect, and accountability.

Behaviour Change

From our leadership courses, you’ll gain the skills to speak up with psychological safety, build trust and collaborate better. And we will show you how to turn these skills into behaviours that improve decision making, commitment to action, workplace productivity and relationships.

Build a High-Performance Corporate Culture

Find the alignment and agreement you need to build a high-performance corporate culture that stands out from the rest. With globally proven skills to speak your mind honestly, respectfully and effectively, you can quickly transform any workplace into a culture of best practice.

March 4, 2020

How Crucial Conversations Helped the City of Greater Geraldton Save $10 Million

Located 424 kilometres north of Perth with a population of approximately 40,000, Greater Geraldton is one of Australia’s regional capitals. The City boasts a prosperous economy and a number of industries including mining…

Our Story

Rather than focusing on systems, processes or strategy, we focus on PEOPLE. More specifically, how people behave. Based on more than 30 years of ongoing social science research, our award-winning workplace training courses have been delivered to more than 2 million people worldwide.

What Our Happy Clients Say

“As the Principal and leader of St Phillip College, we have used Crucial Conversations for 5 years, Our leaders and staff now hold quality conversations to help drive our culture and therefore our success for our students, parents as well as the entire community.”
Darren Cox
St. Philip’s Christian College
“Personally, I have used the skills myself. But also, some of my staff have gone through the training as well and I have seen a difference in the positive relationships within the team.”
Dr. Diana Lawrence
S.A. Health
“Training mid-level and senior Managers in Crucial Conversations and being able to have the difficult discussions with the staff about difficult issues, challenges in a very appropriate and sensitive way was one of the foundational requirements that we needed.”
Peter Faulkner
CEO, Bendigo Health
“The Influencer Model was paramount in bringing about the sustained cultural change that we needed in the organisation. It reduced our operating costs by more than $10 Million.”
Ken Diehm
“I’ve seen significant change at the twelve mines I’ve led through the Influencer model. I’ve put six to seven thousand people through the program. I know it works.”
Bob Povey
Gold Fields
“Crucial Conversations fit hand-in-glove with the other work we were doing with leaders, from the executive and director level to staff supervisors and physicians,”
Kristine White
Spectrum Health

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All of our workplace training courses build self-confidence to handle conflict productively and are available in classroom, virtual or blended formats to suit your unique circumstances and deliver an engaging learning experience.

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