About Crucial Dimensions

We are the exclusive licensee of Crucial Learning delivering their award winning courses across Australia & New Zealand

Crucial Dimensions has a clear focus on helping organisations improve their overall productivity and performance by teaching their employees the crucial Speak Up skills required to conduct psychologically safe conversations that solve the tough issues, every time.

We Change the World by Changing Behaviour

Our mission is to improve the world by helping people improve themselves. Through our award-winning courses and bestselling books, we help people learn behaviours that have a disproportionate impact on outcomes. We call these behaviours crucial skills.

Our Journey So Far…


Our training, coaching and culture survey work in Australia and New Zealand clearly showed a clear need for significantly improved communication skills in most organisations. Crucial Conversations from Crucial Learning (then VitalSmarts) offered best communication skills training and helped thousands of organisations improve their performance and culture. In 2010, we purchased  the exclusive license to bring this successful program into Australia and New Zealand.


We began developing a great team of trainers and openned our first head office in Perth. Crucial Conversations became an instant hit, with Crucial Confrontations and Influencer Training beginning to gain traction.


After successfully training individuals and organisations in Crucial Conversations for some time, we launched “Crucial Conversations Australia/New Zealand.” In 2012 we officially move our head office to Melbourne.


By 2013, around 5000 people per year were benefitting from our Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations [now Accountability] and Influencer training, so we decided to change our brand to “VitalSmarts Australia New Zealand” in recognition that the combined programs are having a serious impact on vital performance factors and behaviours.


Time to step up our marketing and spread the word further. Emily Gregory M.D., from VitalSmarts USA, runs a series of healthcare specific workshops. This became so successful we followed up with a series of national workshops. The Crucial Conversations virtual platform was launched.


Crucial Conversations version 4 is launched and Crucial Accountability becomes the updated version of Crucial Confrontations. Mike Welsh from Facebook in San Francisco presents their case study across Australia and New Zealand. Facebook continues to use Crucial Conversations as their number one training program, while Google, Microsoft and many others use VitalSmarts programs globally.


VitalSmarts co-founder and author, Joseph Grenny, runs a series of workshops, while our webinar series begins to take off.  Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability ‘Focused’ training is launched based upon demand from IT companies like Google and Uber for one day training.


After nearly ten years of Crucial Conversations, and other globally proven Vitalsmarts training across Australia New Zealand, we finally have a new product. ‘The Power of Habit’ based upon the bestselling book by Charles Duhigg is being built into a one-day training program, using VitalSmarts expertise at developing engaging and highly effective training methodology.


What we did not plan for was that a global virus would completely change the face of our business for 2020 and possibly forever! Our team rapidly mobilised into developing a highly effective Live Online training system. Using a couple of globally proven tools, our ‘gun’ Master Trainer team upskilled themselves and within a month had new and current clients undertaking Live Online Virtual Instructor-led training, which is now one of the most preferred training modalities amongst our clients.


For more than 10 years, VitalSmarts ANZ has been on a journey! Our partnership with VitalSmarts [now known as Crucial Learning] globally, we have been able to work closely with hundreds of organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The journey will continue through 2022 and beyond, but no longer as VitalSmarts ANZ. As of 1st December we become ‘Crucial Dimensions’ as we continue to partner with Crucial Learning and the local network, in now more than 40 countries.  Whilst our crucial Conversations training will continue, our new version 5 will even more so equip leaders, managers and their teams with strongly evidence-based skills to lead their organisations into the future.

Learn Life-Changing Skills

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Learn how to handle the most crucial challenges of life
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