Virtual Speaker Series 2021



The most successful companies and
leaders are experts at leading through
changing behaviour and lives of people.

#SpeakUpPower Series 2021 brings you
an exclusive speaker line-up drawing
decades of experience in researching,
instructing and implementing results-
focused culture initiatives.

Join us online and interact with world
renowned thought leaders as they share
their ideas and inspirational stories on
ways to create great workplaces using
best in class SpeakUp skills.

Upcoming Event:

Collaborative Changemakers: Leading with Intent and Purpose

Date: 28th July 2021
Time: 11am AEST
Where: Online via Zoom

What can you Expect from the Event?

A chance to learn and interact with various thought leaders from across
the world who are passionate about changing lives through changing behaviour.

Increase your personal influence, transform personal and professional relationships and create positive behaviour change with the stories
and ideas shared by our all-star
speaker line-up.

Leave inspired, with actionable ideas you can bring back to your workplace.

Who should


Speak Up

At the time when the demand for handling tough issues and holding others accountable in organisations is at its peak, employees and leaders are not speaking-up enough.

How often and how well you voice your opinions in an organisation directly reflects on how people perceive you and how you represent as a colleague, leader and as an individual.

In today’s workplaces, staying silent and avoiding the tough issues has become endemic and dangerous. In a research conducted by Vitalsmarts, we found that 90% of nurses don’t speak up to a physician even when they know a patient’s safety is at risk. We’ve also studied workplace safety. We found that 93% of people say their organisation is at risk of an accident waiting to happen because people are either unwilling or unable to speak up.

How much is this silence costing you and your organisation? What needs to be changed and what can be done to bring the change? Sustainable
and permanent change?

Keynote Speakers

Rich Sheridan

CEO and Chief Storyteller at
Menlo Innovations

Emily Gregory

Vice President of Development
and Delivery at VitalSmarts

Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit

Claire Marriott

Innovation Strategist and Coach Goodstart Early Learning

Bev Sutherland

Director, Organisational Development at Bendigo Health

Sam Retallack

Head of People and Culture
at IGO Ltd



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