Performance Management Improved

Crucial Conversations® for Accountability teaches a process for managing performance, strengthening trust and reliability, and eliminating inconsistency. It provides skills for holding peers accountable—regardless of position or authority.

The health of any relationship, team, or organization is a function of the lag time between identifying and discussing problems.

– Joseph Grenny, Co-author of Crucial Accountability

Behavioural Outcomes

When people have the skills to hold peers accountable, they’re better at correcting performance problems, preventing potential disasters, and preserving and strengthening relationships.

Learning Formats

Virtual Instructor Led

Join a Crucial Dimensions Master Trainer in our facilitated virtual classroom. Learn the crucial skills from the comfort of your office or home.

Bring in a Crucial Dimensions Master Trainer or certify an internal trainer to teach Crucial Conversations for accountability in person to your employees.

Training Your Way

The Crucial Conversations for Accountability Course is available in several delivery formats to address the diverse needs of your organisation

Your employees attend a virtual, or in-person public course.

Bring in a Crucial Dimensions master trainer to facilitate the in-person or virtual course learning across your organisation.

Certify an internal leader to facilitate the in-person or virtual course to employees. Certification courses are offered both in-person and virtually.

What Are People Saying

Crucial Conversations for Accountability has changed my life. My stress levels have been reduced, my employees are much happier, and I have improved my relationship with several teammates.

Pamela Popper, The Wellness Forum

Take the Next Step

Bring Crucial Conversations for Accountability to your organisation and improve the way your people manage performance.

The New York Times Bestseller

With more than half a million copies sold, Crucial Accountability continues to transform personal and professional performance and execution.