Crucial Conversations for Accountability

Crucial Conversations® for Accountability teaches a process for managing performance, strengthening trust and reliability, and eliminating inconsistency. It provides skills for holding peers accountable—regardless of position or authority.

Crucial Conversations for Accountability

When co-workers make promises do you sigh in relief or do you start biting your nails? Do you make plans, set goals, give assignments and hope that maybe people will deliver? Attend this program to gain tools for resolving violated expectations, broken commitments and bad behaviour.

Organisations around the world have turned to Crucial Accountability to improve bottom-line results such as quality, efficiency, satisfaction, safety and more.

Teamwork and Relationships: A housing authority eliminated silos between departments and helped employees resolve conflicts with peers and supervisors

Efficiency: A school district saw a 50% drop in grievances that previously clogged their administrative system

Safety: A drilling company improved their total incident rate by 55% and reported zero accidents

Employee Turnover: Two organisations, from different industries reduced turnover rates by 8% and 40%

Key skills you will learn from the Training:

  • Strengthen accountability through thoughtful, response-driven conversation
  • Identify and resolve performance gaps
  • Eliminate inconsistency
  • Motivate others without the use of power
  • Reduce resentment
  • Carry out an effective ‘action-plan’ for positive outcomes.

More than one million people and three hundred of the Fortune 500 companies have used the skills learnt on Crucial Conversations for Accountability to improve their organisation culture and create change for good.

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