Crucial Influence

Named The Change Management Model of the Year by MIT Sloan Management Review, Crucial Influence gives senior and emerging leaders, and even those without formal authority, a powerful and portable model for achieving rapid, measurable, and sustainable behaviour change.

Crucial Influence

Most chronic problems that resist our best attempts at creating lasting solutions do so because we lack influence. More specifically, we lack the ability to motivate and enable ourselves and others to change behaviour.

Engage in extensive in-class practice, group participation and personal planning as you learn and develop the strategies for resolving tough issues.

Crucial Influence© Training offers a powerful model for behaviour change whether you manage a team of ten or ten thousand. It is based on more than thirty years of research. You will learn how to:

  • Diagnose the real causes behind behaviour problems
  • Effectively motivate and enable others, regardless of formal authority
  • Identify high-leverage vital behaviours
  • Create behaviour-change strategies that yield rapid, lasting results

This practical and powerful one-day workshop is based upon the best-selling business book, Influencer.

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