Boost Workplace Productivity & Employee Efficiency for Optimal Performance

Based on the iconic bestseller by David Allen, the skills taught in Getting Things Done® have been shown to relieve cognitive load, allow for increased focus, even result in optimal experience and peak performance.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

– Mark Twain

Productivity Pays

GTD teaches proven skills for managing the constant flow of requests, tasks, and interruptions people face at all levels of the organisation. We help improve:

Learning Formats

Virtual Instructor Led

Join a Crucial Dimensions Master Trainer in our facilitated virtual classroom. Learn the crucial skills from the comfort of your office or home.


Bring in a Crucial Dimensions Master Trainer or certify an internal trainer to teach Getting Things Done in person to your employees.

Training Your Way

The Getting Things Done Course is available in several delivery formats to address the diverse needs of your organisation.

Your employees attend a virtual, or in-person public course.

Bring in a Crucial Dimensions master trainer to facilitate the in-person or virtual course learning across your organisation.

Certify an internal leader to facilitate the in-person or virtual course to employees. Certification courses are offered both in-person and virtually.

What Are People Saying

“We love GTD. It has been really impactful for our organisation in terms of stress management—it really helps people be more present in their lives because they feel a sense of control and organisation when implementing the tools and system. It usually fills up in less than 15 minutes when we offer it, a good sign!”

– Sarah Barnhart, Senior Human Resources Manager, Stryker

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Bring Getting Things Done to your organisation and discover the power of productivity with purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Getting Things Done®(GTD®) Training helps improve employee productivity by teaching the skills to manage the constant flow of requests, tasks, and interruptions people face at all levels of the organisation. By learning how to capture, clarify, and organise incoming requests, people are more likely to make strategic decisions about where to invest their time and energy, be efficient at work, focus on the right priorities, and prevent critical projects from slipping. They are less likely to experience stress and burnout – more likely to experience workplace productivity.

Nobody gets a degree in productivity. You hire people for their technical skills and experience—because they know how to develop programs, design products, oversee communications, devise strategies, or lead people. But few—if any—are well versed in workflow management and being truly efficient at work. And when even just a couple of people fumble, their slip-ups significantly and negatively impact stress levels, innovation, execution, engagement, workplace efficiency and overall employee productivity.

GTD teaches your skilled knowledge workers at every level and in any role how to better get work done efficiently so they can effectively put their valuable, technical skills and experience to use.

Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same title, GTD Training teaches participants how to:

  • Capture all incoming requests in a few key places
  • Process your inbox more effectively
  • Take action on tasks rather than procrastinating
  • Organise tasks and projects to maximise workplace efficiency
  • Do the right things in the right moments
  • Align time and resources to be productive, not just busy

GTD teaches proven skills for managing the constant flow of requests, tasks, and interruptions people face at all levels of the organisation. 


  • Capture Everything In and Out of Your Head
  • Direct Your Inputs to a Few Chosen Capture Tools


  • Decide What Your Stuff Means to You
  • Identify Next Actions

Organise 1

  • Calendar Only the Firm and the Fixed
  • Group Actions by Context, Not Topic

Organise 2

  • Implement Your List-Management Tool

Reflect & Engage

  • Pause to Reflect before You Engage

Renew through Review

  • Renew Your CCORE Skills through a Weekly Review

This is not time away from work. This is your work. You will experience getting more of your real work done during this time than if you were in your normal day-to-day mode.

This is not an academic, off-line program. It is conducted in the middle of the maelstrom, with the real things on your plate, on your mind, in your email, on your papers, and in your inbox. Additionally, the results of the process will likely repay these invested hours many-fold.

The GTD skills and tools have been proven to improve workplace productivity and employee efficiency in thousands of organisations over the past 20 years.

  • Individuals wishing to become less reactive and more purpose-driven
  • Anyone who wants to accomplish more and be more efficient at work
  • Those who want to learn better self-management to get more out of life on a daily basis
  • Organisations teams and departments that want to improve their employee efficiency and workplace productivity

Most people consider Getting Things Done® (GTD®) a personal development experience. The name itself portends a boost in personal productivity. And yet Getting Things Done is not simply about getting more things done—although it does deliver on that promise. It’s about getting more of the right things done by changing the way you interact with your priorities, should-dos, need-to-dos, and even want- or hope-to-dos.


It’s this promise that hooks people in the beginning, but the benefits aren’t solely confined to individual workplace efficiency and workplace productivity. When GTD is adopted and fully implemented, its benefits extend to those around the individual practitioner. It changes the way the person engages with their own “to-dos,” and, because of that, it changes the way others engage with that person. Over time, it brings about an inside-out transformation.

Based on the Bestseller

Crucial Conversations is the business bestseller that has transformed and changed the way millions communicate.