Darren Cox is the school Principal for St Philips Christian school based in Cessnock, New South Wale

In his LinkedIn profile, Darren refers to himself as a motivational speaker, educational influencer, and a strategic change manager!

He was also in the top 5 for Principal of the year in 2019

Apart from his extensive experience in education, Darren has extensive experience in podcasting, video shoots and is regularly requested to speak on stage with a range of educational and other organisations.  When you meet and connect with Darren, you’ll understand why

Facilitating a podcast with Darren was an absolute pleasure.  He made my job very easy

Darren had started to prepare his school for ‘flexible education’ quite some time before the recent COVID incident.  So, during the recent lockdown his school was more than prepared, and his staff and students thrived in their own individual virtual environments.

Right now, Darren is preparing the school for the future.  This looks like a blended system of classroom/synchronous virtual/asynchronous training to allow for the best education opportunity.  The schools’ students and their futures

In the podcast we covered:

  1. Leadership – leading the teaching-learning
  2. Well-being
  3. Communication

If you want more information about Darren’s blended education process feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn.

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