Although it took a while to secure a time to talk to our recent Podcast guest, it was definitely worth the wait!

Prof Gary Martin is the Chief Executive Officer for AIM WA. Gary’s hashtag on LinkedIn is ‘The Australian Workologist’. Gary speaks widely across not only podcasts but live events and is also a columnist and director. 

Gary has led AIM WA for nearly 9 years, and his organisation is the most successful and long standing of all of the AIM’s around Australia

Gary shared in our podcast, his experiences around the changes – both good and bad as a result of COVID pandemic. 

Gary shared his observations with recent massive workplace shifts, cyber bullying, and in some cases workplace surveillance with managers monitoring people working from home!

In all this however, there have been some significant upsides. Many people found themselves more productive at home, and for reasons that Gary shares, through virtual platforms they now know much more about their co-workers!

He also shared his insights on:

  • Unemployment stigma
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Procrastination is okay
  • Absenteeism and also ‘presenteeism’
  • What we will learn, and what we might ‘unlearn’ in two years

Gary remarked on his experiences with organisations who are currently innovating and reinventing themselves

Great insights today and really enjoyed and appreciated Gary’s time in his sharing of his experiences

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed learning about the power of being productive on purpose. If you enjoyed please leave us a review on iTunes.

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