It is always a pleasure to connect with Justin Hale

Justin is a Master Trainer and Training Designer with VitalSmarts LLC based in Utah

He is a very dynamic and upbeat speaker and host of One Productive Minute at VitalSmarts. Justin’s work in promoting the power of productivity on Linkedin is nothing short of highly engaging and very professional.

This podcast is all about the power of productivity to achieve one thing – to look back at the end of a week and know that you achieved way more than you set out to! It is all about how to be ‘productive on Purpose’!

Whilst the aim of using Crucial Conversations skills is to get better results faster, Justin also promotes [and practices] – how to begin your day, how to handle emails one time, and most importantly how to do/decide /take action!

Inside this episode you’ll learn:

  1. Why to NOT be engaged with lots of things
  2. How to use active memory
  3. About capturing ideas – but not in your mind
  4. The skill of compartmentalising  
  5. About the power of implementing do, decide, renegotiate   

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed learning about the power of being productive on purpose. If you enjoyed please leave us a review on iTunes.

As we mentioned in the podcast, click here for a link for the work of Roy Baumeister – Consider it Done.  

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