Secrets to A Successful Business: Growing a Good Team

Many business leaders would agree that the biggest asset a company has is its employees. After all, employees are not only capable of ushering business success in terms of improved productivity and heightened revenue — engaged and properly trained ones can also encourage high levels of resiliency, adaptability, efficiency and commitment. All these, and more, are extremely essential in providing companies a chance to thrive in a world speckled with crises and characterised by ever-evolving technology. That said, here are some of the ways you can grow a team that will ensure your organisation flourishes:

Turn your members into leaders

The first thing you have to do in order to have a good team is to turn your members into leaders themselves. Having members who are capable of following orders and doing tasks with ease is great. However, having leaders who can think for themselves, offer fresh and novel ideas and espouse great initiative and impeccable management skills is much better.

When training leaders, it is important to remember that it is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that one has to continuously work on. Leaders should effectuate empowerment and growth for the rest of the team, which is something you would want to go after because the success of your team is also yours to enjoy. In The Muse’s article on the topic, they list some tips business leaders can follow when training future leaders and highlight the importance of teaching your members to network. It will also be ideal to provide them with the right experiences and opportunities to challenge themselves and develop their own leadership style.

Introduce wellness initiatives

Given current circumstances, it’s all the more important for business leaders these days to zoom in on the overall wellness of their teams. It’s highlighted in this study published on NCBI how the great tendency of the pandemic is to cause serious mental health issues among employees due to the challenges it presents. These problems can include the massive, sudden shift to remote working, social isolation, job insecurity, financial loss, varying perception of safety, threat and risk, and information overload.

No matter how challenging it may be to introduce wellness initiatives these days, it is something that you cannot forego if you are after creating a good team. Our recent feature offers habits you can tell your employees, such as communicating, reminding them to take breaks, and suggesting setting up an ergonomic office space — all of which can greatly help in destressing. After all, constant communication can prevent feelings of loneliness, and taking breaks gives their brain time to decompress. Meanwhile, this guide by Pain Free Working shows that ergonomic equipment like standing desk converters can help prevent aches and pains in the body, which also help in keeping them healthy and productive.

Focus on relationship-building

Teams are only as good as the relationships that bind them together. You can’t expect teams to perform well when the very members themselves can’t even stand each other’s presence. This is the reason why it’s important for you to focus on improving the relationship among members. Thankfully, there are many ways this can be done. For instance, you can try creating group guidelines that will set the norms for the team. You can also consider encouraging a team culture that welcomes opinions with no judgment, promotes collaboration and camaraderie, and places great emphasis on open and constant communication. For more tips on successful team building, click here.

When the relationship among members is strong, a feature on Small Business Chron notes that business leaders can expect greater teamwork and collaboration, improved employee morale, higher employee retention rates, and increased productivity.

The creation of a good team is something that takes a great deal of effort, time, and commitment. Nonetheless, it is an endeavour a business leader must do to attain certain benefits that will be enjoyed by the whole organisation as a whole.

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