I had a very engaging conversation with Anna Ranaldo. Anna is a Brene Brown Thought leader as well is a certified ‘Dare to Lead’ facilitator. She is currently working extensively with corporations, organisations, education etc across Australia and New Zealand.  Anna has an extensive organisational development/HR background across global organisations like Santos, PWC and Shell. Her specialty is helping organisations to navigate change. Anna is also a certified Crucial Conversations trainer

I loved how Anna weaves in her extensive Crucial Conversations experience around her work in helping leaders to create psychological safety. She referred to trust as the bedrock of true vulnerability

Anna’s work around ‘Dare to Lead’ is currently helping leaders in all industries to not only ‘show up’ as the leaders they should be, but also how to really ‘lean in when situations get tough when they need to be powerful, not powerless’

Inside this episode you’ll learn about:

  1. Vulnerability and why is it an accurate measure of change
  2. why ‘clear is kind ‘and what that looks like
  3. Enabling high-quality trust
  4. How creating safety is pivotal to vulnerability
  5. Why leaders need to remove their ‘armour’ and ‘lean in’ to tough situations

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